Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Soulful Rhythms Healing Ryan's Heart"

"Soulful Rhythms Healing Ryan's Heart"; "Soulful Rhythms Healing Ryan's Heart" featuring Mose Stovall, Jillian Gray and Conviction Band. Join us for a fundraiser for Ryan Caldwell. Ryan Caldwell is a thriving helpful young man whom wanted to be a policeman. In March 2009, Ryan contracted the flu and it damaged his heart. He is living with a LVAD that pumps his heart. Ryan will need a heart transplant to live his lifelong dreams. This benefit will help his family with out of pocket expenses for his heart transplant. The benefit will be held at Steel at 1st & 23rd (Steel is located in downtown at 2300 First Avenue North) Please come out and support Ryan and listen to the soulful music of Mose Stovall and Jillian Gray. June 24th 5 pm - 9 pm Steel cost: $5.00 Donation, 21 years old and up