Tuesday, July 2, 2013

HS Awareness Benefit Concert

HS Awareness Benefit Concert; Together we can help find a cure. Smith Entertainment Inc. will be hosting the Hidradenitis Suppura-tiva Benefit Concert. The goal of this benefit concert is promote awareness of the disease HS in the African American community and to raise funds for the HS Foundation USA, HS Trust UK in order to help the organization fund research for a cure of HS. There are many people in the African American community who are unaware of HS, and can’t recognize the signs of HS. Many may exhibit symptoms of HS and not know it because most doctors have a hard time identifying the disease in its early stages. Which in turn, leads to lots of people being misdiagnosed. Early detection is important in managing this painful disease. July 13th 4 - 8 pm Central Gardens Apts 2317 South Park Dr. s.w. Birmingham, AL