Monday, March 19, 2012

"Game Over" A Stage Play

"Game Over" A Stage Play; "GAME OVER" is a Dramedy you must see! Don't miss this unique, masterful piece of entertainment that has already created quite the buzz in the live theater community. ...What do you do when your significant other can't get enough of the game?... DO YOU PULL THE PLUG? GAME OVER is the story of Nadine & Travis, a 30 something, African American couple, who find themselves in a struggle of time & lack of attention. She's a professional & he is a blue collar worker, addicted to PS3. On their one, very rare, same day off, she is eager to spend time together but she just can't seem to get him away from the game. She gets fed up, which ultimately leads to his AWAKENING or their DEMISE. This production of "GAME OVER" will pull on your heartstrings & tickle your funny bone! This is a play you just can't miss! Purchase tickets online at or call(205)936-9665 "Tell a friend...and Bring a friend"

April 22nd
4 pm & 7 pm
The Carver Theater
admission: $22