Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Emannuel Outreach Ministries Statewide Ex-Felon Crusade

Emannuel Outreach Ministries Statewide Ex-Felon Crusade; This event is led by pastor Rev. Tommy L. Bailey, founder of Emannuel Outreach Ministries. He is an Ex-Felon. The theme for this event is "We Came Back To Give Back." The Ex-Felon Crusade is designed to connect all the Ex-felons who have come out of prison to show Communities and the State of Alabama that they want to give back to the communities in which they have violated. The want to let the Pardons and Parole Board know that they are out here to stay and help our young people make wise decisions about staying out of prisons. They are setting up Mentor Programs to be helpful to our youth and young adults. We are starting off here in Birmingham, Alabama and are going to each major city here in the state of Alabama.

January 29th
3 pm
7769 2nd Avenue S Birmingham, AL