Monday, January 30, 2012

Alabama Family Rights Association - (ALFRA)

Alabama Family Rights Association - (ALFRA); ALFRA is an organization that is fighting for GOOD/FIT parents (men & women) to be treated fairly when it comes to custody cases. ALFRA believe that every child needs both parents in the child's life to help bring up the child properly. ALFRA is not asking for parents with addictions, anger/violence, sexual/verbal abuse to be given access to their children. But too many times the courts will award full custody to just one parent. Children are more flexible than we give them credit for & would rather be able to spend time with both parents. Each parent brings different guidance to every child. Years later is when the effect starts to show up in negative ways for kids that were neglected by one of their parents. We need to give every child every opportunity to be brought in a loving environment which should include both parents, even if in different households. Learning from both parents & being loved/encouraged by both parents can only be positive for a child.

February 23rd
6 pm
Hoover Public Library, 200 Municipal Hoover, AL