Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tee Off Benefit Golf Tournament for Tornado Relief

Tee Off Benefit Golf Tournament for Tornado Relief; The Gulf Shores Golf Club's mission: The tornadoes that struck the State of Alabama on April 27 affected all of us who live and work in this state. At Alliant Data Systems, we serve more than 20 community and private colleges in Alabama and the names of the towns devastated by the tornadoes included many that were familiar to us. Our clients and our friends in towns like Phil Campbell, Tuscaloosa, Rainsville, Cordova, Cullman, Birmingham and Carbon Hill all suffered varying degrees of damage and destruction. Healing these communities will be a long process, one that will continue long after the first responders and army of volunteers return home. It is the mission of the Tee Off Benefit Golf Tournament, sponsored by Alliant Data Systems, to help ensure that aid continues to flow to the areas in need of assistance. All proceeds from the June 24 event will be donated to the American Red Cross Alabama Tornado Relief Fund.

June 24th
Gulf Shores, AL